Face First


FaceFirst is one of the World’s fastest, most accurate and highly effective enterprise face recognition platform for law enforcement, retail, transportation, event security, casinos and other public spaces.

The platform is designed to be scalable, fast and highly accurate, providing surveillance solutions an underlying software platform that leverages artificial intelligence to prevent theft, fraud and violence –  all while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy, with all data encrypted at rest, and during transmission into non-convertible biometric templates.

FaceFirst mobile facial recognition apps for iOS and Android provides users with ‘instant identity verification on the go’, delivering highly accurate, actionable intelligence to personnel in the field when it’s needed most.


FaceFirst is a highly effective facial recognition system for retail stores, including department stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail environments. By sharing intelligence across thousands of retail locations, FaceFirst can instantly detect and notify a retail loss prevention team when known shoplifters, disgruntled employees or dangerous criminals enter a store, while it can also improve loyalty for retailers with customer engagement.

See how FaceFirst can provide a safer shopping experience and more efficient security for your customers.


FaceFirst Guardian is a global patented airport face recognition platform proven to safeguard airports and by proactively deterring terrorism, theft, violent crime and human trafficking, while also offering personalized service and secure personal identity authentication.

The FaceFirst Guardian airport face recognition system detects travelers who potentially pose a threat, and then instantly arms your security team with actionable intelligence, telling them who to look for, where they need to go, and what actions to take.


FaceFirst is the ultimate sports and concert face recognition platform, perfect for arenas and stadiums. Our patented facial recognition platform helps you create safer and more personalized events using the most accurate, scalable and fastest face recognition technology available.

Let’s be honest: event security is an incredibly difficult task, and legacy surveillance systems don’t do enough to deter or detect criminals. Stadium security leaders do their best to prevent crime, but often lack hard evidence about who they should be monitoring. It’s all too easy for banned fans to sneak back into stadiums. And in most cases, dangerous felons or suspected terrorists enter events unnoticed. The game changer, of course, is facial recognition.


FaceFirst allows Law Enforcement Officers, including police and other public safety agencies, to verify a person’s identity in seconds, not hours. With a single photo, FaceFirst instantly confirms whether a person of interest is really who they say they are. Patrols using FaceFirst spend more time policing, and less time digging for information, resulting in safer officers and safer communities.

For investigators, visual and keyword searches deliver priceless forensic video evidence. Search for identity and historical location matches from the field or at the station, accelerating forensic video investigations.


FaceFirst, takes information security, protection, and privacy of customer personally identifiable information (PII) data very seriously and follows software industry best practices. FaceFirst fully supports and abides by the data privacy principles established by applicable local privacy laws and regulations.

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