AllGoVision Video Analytics

Smart Surveillance Solutions offers our clients AllGoVision Video Analytics, which is a completely innovative and renowned deep learning AI Video Analytics solution, and is known worldwide having been successfully installed in more than 30 countries.

AllGoVision is well-equipped with 50 plus Basic and Advanced Features of Video Analytics which find varied applications in Traffic Surveillance, Building Surveillance, City Surveillance and Business Intelligence across different sectors, providing very effective solutions for Next Gen Video Analytics, like Intelligent Traffic Surveillance, Crowd Management, Perimeter Protection, Suspicious Incidences Detection, Retail Intelligence, Facial Recognition and Multi Camera Tracking.


AllGoVision’s License Plate Detection & Recognition application analyses rapidly the video data on the principle of image processing to detect license plates (or number plates) of vehicles and extracts the alpha numeric data to recognize and store the vehicle license plate identity.

The Alarm Center management client for AllGoVision Video Analytics displays the License Plate Data, apart from providing extensive search, reporting and analysis options.


  • Parking Management: For vehicles which has ingress into the parking area but even after timeout there is no egress, alarms are generated for detection of such vehicles.
  • Traffic Monitoring: red light violation or any other traffic rule violation can be detected and associated rule-breaching vehicle‘s license number can be recognized.
  • Law Enforcement: Stolen cars can be detected from IP cameras deployed in traffic surveillance system in the city / highway. Even the place of registration can be tracked for the detected and recognized license plates.
  • Task Automation: Based on a matched entry of recognized license plate associated systems can be triggered such as access control / boom barriers etc. to open for a white listed vehicle at Entry and Exits of restricted zones, parking lots etc.
  • Automatic Toll Management: Recognized vehicles being charged the toll fees by associated payment systems for car owners with the specific license number


AllGoVision has an easy installation process, offers the trial version for clients, the fine-tuning and simple installation offers complete support to the customers.

Choose AllGoVision with Smart Surveillance Solutions for amazing benefits of robust performance and competitive analytics.

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